How to Retarget Google Ads Clicks with Facebook Ads

Integrate Google Ads with Facebook Ads so you can use Facebook to retarget website visitors that come from Google Ads

This is actually a pretty significant opportunity for you to implement cross-platform integration between 2 of your major ad platforms. Since neither Google nor Facebook offer any type of useful integration, most of your competitors are treating them as completely independent platforms. Integrating them should give you have big advantage in this area right out of the gate!

As I mentioned, there isn’t an out of the box integration that allows you to re-target visitors who find your site through Google Ads with Facebook Ads, but below I’ve outlined a pretty straightforward method to accomplish this:

  1. You’ll need to create unique landing pages for each audience that you want to target
  2. Configure the Destination URL’s in Google Ads accordingly to link to the respective landing page
  3. Create custom audiences in Facebook Ads based upon pageview to each landing page URL

The key here is to ensure your landing pages are no accessible directly through your site navigation. This ensures that the pageview filters used in Facebook are accurate.



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