How to update your WordPress site, theme, and plugins – the right way

Here's a simple plan to update your Wordpress site quickly and correctly.

1) Make a schedule, and stick to it

Updating weekly, or even weekly will keep your site running the way it’s supposed and ensure issues don’t build up

2) Back everything up first

Some web hosts, like WP Engine, offer automated backups, and even a staging environment. If your’s doesn’t, you should look into a backup tool like Updraft.

3) Update WordPress first, then plugins, and your theme last

If you have a WordPress update available, and several plugin updates, it’s very likely the plugin updates are in support of the changes coming from the WordPress update.

4) Be prepared if something breaks

Even if you’ve been staying on top of your updates, you still might encounter some problems. It’s rare, and usually it’s not a big issue, but you want to be ready so you don’t experience any downtime. If your site breaks, immediately restore from your backup.

If you feel like you’re over your head, feel free to reach out to me. I’m always happy to help!



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