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Invoicing (and accounting) with WordPress

If you have a Wordpress site, you should think twice before paying for an invoicing and account tool. Do it with Wordpress instead

There are a lot of great accounting tools for small businesses, but few people realize they already have access to one of the best ones

Invoicing, managing customer payments, and accounting acre critical to every business, and there are A LOT of options out there that claim to “simplify” or “streamline” the process. There’s nothing wrong with any of those tools – unless you have a WordPress website. This is because WordPress can do all of those things. Below are some of the key benefits of using WordPress for invoicing versus a separate product.

1) You have full control over everything from email template design to automation and processes

Unlike every other accounting product, WordPress is 100% customizeable. This means you get every feature you want and none of the ones you don’t. You don’t have to settle for basic templates, limited automation, nor do you have to change your processes to work with your chosen tool. 

2) You'll save a lot of money

Setting up invoicing through WordPress can be done for free – other than the time to set it up, which isn’t much different than any other tool. I should know: I handle all of my invoicing through WordPress. In fact, there are a series of free and paid plugins that allow you to start invoicing out of WordPress within a matter of minutes. Imagine an accounting tool with no monthly fees, no “per-user” charges, and no upgrades to get the one additional feature you need!

3) You'll simplify things for you and your team

I’ve worked with so many small businesses that have complained of the hassle that comes from using multiple tools with different logins. 

"Where do we store this client information?" - Is it in the CRM, Marketing Automation, Accounting, DropBox, email?

You can actually do so much with WordPress than most businesses realize, but one of the easiest ways to simplify your tech stack is to centralize as many applications into a single application. Since your website is definitely not going away any time soon, WordPress just makes a lot of sense to be one of the options for centralizing.

4) You keep your customers engaging with you through your website

If you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you know that I am adamant about the importance and value your website provides in generating revenue for your business.

The more your customers are on your website, the more they will buy with you. Studies have shown that frequent visits to a company’s website have nearly the same affect as regular phone calls with your clients.

By handling your invoicing through your Website, you are creating another reason for your customer to come back to your site.

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