What to do about the “new mobility issues detected” notice you received from Google Search Console

First off, don't worry. You're not alone. In fact, Google released an update several days ago to search console users explaining this might happen...

Google subtly let SEO's know that they were likely to see a rise in Search Console issues as they expand the number of pages that are searched

You can read about the data anomalies that are driving a rise is Search Console issues being reported right from the source: Search Console Help. There’s not much there, but it does cover the key issue driving this:

Google is increasing the number of pages they are crawling

You might have received a notification lately with the title “New Mobility Issues Detected.” I’ve had some clients reach out lately, concerned some hidden issue existed on their site causing their mobile versions to break.

This is not the case. The wording of the notification is vague, and almost implies that the issues detected are related to a page(s) that previously had no issues. 

The truth is that these are not new issues to old pages, these are issues to pages that are new to Search Console

It’s still worth addressing the errors that are detected, but hopefully you can take a breathe now that you know this is not indicative of a deeper site issue.



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